Brand New AGE OF TERROR Merch :)


My Project - Biomedika Laboratory, Dentistry UGM.

Is it cool, huh? I dont think so. Just wait for the latest and final design. I will post this project immediately.

My Studio Project - The Bogels, Mangkubumi City Hotel

This is my Studio design, a hotel at Mangkubumi Street Yogyakarta.
Check it out.

Introducing Myself

Hello bloggers, how are you? This is my very first post. Im newbie ~,~ and on this first post i want to introduce myself. My name is Vincentius Tutto Ardito. Yes you are right, Im 100% Catholic. You can call me Tutto or my other nickname Togel (my famous name i think xD). I live in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Im 20 years old. Im currently studying at Architecture faculty of Gadjah Mada University, grade 6 (still need a looooooonng time for my graduation). I love music, especially some kind of Southern Rock and friends LOL. I have a band, named Age Of Terror. You can check the myspace by clicking on image above. I started this band at the middle of 2007. This band has given me all good memories, best experience, best girlfriend xoxoxo, and so much more. My band, Age Of Terror play Southern Rock with some blend of Metalcore - Experimental which will bring you to ... (fill this with whatever you want).

Yes, you are right again. This is me, Im playing guitar for my band :) and oh-my-gosh Im a Guitarist ~,~

Im sorry, we play more at underground gigs :O

I dont want to talk up myself, you can ask my friends. Just let people judge me whatever they want and they need. Or maybe if you never meet me, never see me face to face, eye to eye, ear to ear, please look at my pict below.

No, Im serious.. He is my twin. Hmmm, I lied. Forget it.